Why did you start this project?

I have always loved tubs in photography. After doing some self portraits of myself in mine, friends and clients started asking me to do them. I had been looking for a personal art project to really focus on and Tub Time With Tate was born. It's developed into something way bigger than I'd expected. It's process is an art form in itself.

How much is a Tub Time With Tate shoot?

It's free! If you get naked and let me take photos of you in one. Then you give up all rights for me to use the images for my art sales, art shows, projects, future coffee table book, or anything of the sorts. 

If you are wanting to do a tub time session but don't want people to see the images, then that is when I begin "working" for you - and it's not for my art project. Rates vary beginning at $500.

Where do you hold your Tub Time With Tate sessions?

It varies. It began with using just my own tub at our Louisiana home but over time, it was inevitable I was going to meet new tubs. I love how a variety of tubs add charm to the project so I'm definitely not only looking for the biggest and most grand tubs, but also the ugly duckling ones. I'm grateful for those who open their own homes to me for my project. From time to time, I'll book a hotel room with a tub to hold a few back to back sessions. While at our NYC home, we have a tiny tub which works as well.

Can I do Tub Time With Tate with my significant other?

YES! I love shooting anyone who believes in my project and wants to be part of it. The project itself is currently only solo based. I do the couples shots only as a nice "thank you gift" for those who do the solo sessions as well for me. 

Do I have to be naked?

 I choose people who are willing to be in the full nude. This project has become much more than what it was at the beginning - a pretty person in a tub shoot. It's all about giving me trust, allowing me to use your body and spirt to create whatever we do in the moment while we are shooting. Shooting subjects in underwear - I find, isn't as authentic as it is when not. People are comfortable, and don't really open up fully and I find it's not "true" to the project and what it stands for now. If you are not comfortable being nude or being part of an artist's vision, Tub Time With Tate is not the project for you to be involved in. 

Do I make any money if I pose for the Tub Time With Tate art project?

No, you're pretty much just my toy. Someday, I hope this art series can be tied to a charity somehow. That would be amazing.

Can I buy a Tub Time With Tate piece for my collection?

Yes! I would love for you to own your own piece and have it up in your home. I have my current choices printed out on metal in various sizes for sale on our Tullier Gumbo shop site. If you see anything specific you would love blown up - you can email us at tubtimewithtate@gmail.com for more details.

Can I buy a book of your Tub Time With Tate photos?

One day. I have a goal of getting over 500 people involved before I take on that big project.